Children of Treefest 2012 brings to you...

The fastest growing sport this side of London. Faster than sprints, higher than pole vaulting, further than the Tour de France, more pain than WWF...

Treefest Landcare Olympics

Southern New England Landcare invites your Landcare group to come along to
“The Hill”, Kentucky and join in the Treefest Landcare Challenge. Each group
can send a team of 3 people to complete 3 challenges related to the type of activities
Landcare groups do in their tree planting.

Date: 21st September 2012
Location: "The Hill" Kentucky, NSW..... see website for directions


Tree Planting Race:
Plant 40 trees and put tree guards on them in the
shortest time (quality of tree planting will be checked). The trees will be part of a giant tree
frog shape (that can be seen from the Qantaslink flight from Armidale to Sydney) planted by all participants.

Fencing Challenge:
Get 6 star pickets in a straight line, spaced evenly
and at the same depth.

Seed Ball Making:
Roll up clay, potting mix and seeds to create
even-sized seed balls (these will be used in riparian
revegetation projects later)


The original Treefest Tree Planting Races held in 1992 were a huge success and this year attendees of the Children of Treefest event will be able to revisit those original plantings that are now a forest at the Treefest site.

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