Children of Treefest Speaker 2012
David Curtis

Seminar Presenters from Treefest 1992
Greg Dalton:
Manager of revegetation services with the Woods and Forests Department of South Australia. Detailed the benefits of and various methods of direct seeding trees and shrubs.

Bruce Milne: Victorian Hereford farmer on one of the orginal Potter farms. Spoke about "How to meet the challenge of producing more from fewer, but healthier hectares".

Julia Vincent: Permaculture consultant and bio-dynamic farmer from the NSW mid-north coast. Spoke on "Using trees in Permaculture Design" and how to put the right tree in the right place, disadvantages and advantages of trees, and making trees work for the landholder around the house and in the paddock.

Advisory Tent Consultants
Don Macfarlane - Agroforestry/farming, Queensland
John Marriot -
Whole farm planning, Victoria
Dr Rod Bird -
Shelter belts, direct seeding, planting densities, Victoria
Lance Cockburn -
Native trees, salt tolerant and endangered species and ornamental natives, Queensland
Ron Watkins -
Keyline system, overseas experience, Western Australia
Lindsay Prior - Forestry and Landscape Consultant, Foundation Professor of Botany ANU

Thinktank Speakers

 John Duggin: Ecosystem Management, UNE; Chairman - to introduce all speakers 

Barry Hawkins: Advisory Services Officer with Forestry Commisson of NSW

Jason Alexandra: Rural Liaison Officer with the Australian Conservation Foundation

Andrew Beal: Senior Land Resources Scientist with Murray-Darling Basin Commission in Canberra

Brian Scarsbrick: CEO Landcare Australia

Warwick Watkins: Deputy Commissioner of Soil Conservation, Vice-President of the World Association of Soil and Water Conservation, and Chairman of the State Catchment Management Co-ordinating Committee.

Rhondha O-Neill: State Co-ordinator of Forest Protection Society

Warren Walker: Wariependi Farm Nursery

David Curtis: Regional Organiser for Greening Australia for North-West NSW

John Lumb: National Parks and Wildlife Service "Save the Bush" program

Robert Gordon: NSW Farmers Association

Don Macfarlane: Organic Farmer, Nuffield Scholar.

Ron Watkins: Farmer WA. Churchill Scholar

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