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The Simple Story of Treefest

In 1992 an event was held at "The Hill" that attracted over 6,000 people on one day to see 90 exhibitions (static and demonstrative) and to listen to 17 speakers from all over Australia. The event was an idea that was formed by farmers who had joined the relatively new Harnham Landcare group. With no where to go for the latest information on revegetation it seemed logical to create their own field day but no-one predicted how big it would actually become and how relevant it would remain.

In 1992 Winsome McCaughey, CEO Greening Australia Ltd, wrote:
"Australia Advances towards a splendid farm forested landscape with indigenous vegetation serving to protect our rich and diverse flora and fauna, linked together with broad corridors or bush, along ridges and gullies, rivers and roads.

We are becoming aware of environmental and economic benefits of trees on farms: protection for livestock from weather extremes and prevention of erosion, salinity and rising water tables. Trees grown in shelterbelts for wood production, fruit, nuts, seeds etc. can also provide new sources of farm income.

Against this backdrop of of growing awareness and innovation, the Treefest is a highly significant event. It is the biggest collection of displays and exhibits of tree-related technology ever staged in Australia. Trees and all the products they yield are now a thriving rural industry employing many people. Conservation and jobs go hand in hand.

Treefest has been generated by landholders themselves, ably assisted by community organisations and government departments - nevertheless landholders are the driving force. Most importantly Treefest brings together environmental and economic aspects of the farming operation. More and more farmers are discovering how ecologically sustainable practice will help them improve agricultural production on their properties today and leave a thriving farm for their children in the future.

Greening Australia shares the vision of the farm forested landscape. It is a challenging, but achievable goal."

The year 2012, marks 20 years since the original Treefest at "The Hill", Kentucky in NSW. Over the years we have had continuous visits by various groups to the site. We would like to revisit the site this year and discover how much it has changed, what tree planting techniques have been successful and what tree species have been successful. We will be celebrating together with the Frog Dreaming conference to educate our region's young people as to what is possible to achieve for the environment when working together.

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